Every employee at D & D Executive Transportation plays an important role in the company. While our services are important, the people on our team matter just as much as the work we do. We are currently taking resumes for various positions. If you are located near Detroit, or Ann Arbor and are interested in becoming a driver with us or doing some sales/marketing work, or becoming a porter, we would like to hear from you. Please call or send us your resume with the form below.


We are now looking to fill in our new Porter position. Porters do a bit of everything to keep a business running cleanly and smoothly. Our Porters work hard to make sure that our building along with all of our offices and vehicles are neat, clean, free from clutter, and safe. In order to qualify for this position, applicants must at least be 17-year-old high school seniors with a driver's license, be able to work a minimum of 20 hours a week, attain a strong work ethic and stamina, have a reliable source of transportation to the office, and acquire the willingness to learn new things. Applicants must know English very well.Regular duties include fueling some of our vehicles as well as cleaning the party bus, the Escalade, the limousine, the Sedan, the Sprinter, our main building, and each individual office. This position is better suited for a stay at home college student or a senior in high school looking to work standard hours.


Form CA-7 must be printed on yellow paper, front and back, and is used for minors who are 16 and 17 years of age. Instructions for completing and issuing CA-^ and CA-7 Work Permit and Age Certificate Forms are on the back of the respective forms. These instructions are a formal part of the work permit and must be printed on the back in order to be considered valid. A completed work permit allows a minor to be employed only by the employer who completes the offer of employment” section (Section II of the form). CA-7 work permits are valid until a minor turns 18 or graduates from high school, as long as the minor remains continuously employed by the same employer. Minors may obtain work permit forms from their local school issuing officer.


We are a growing chauffeur service based in Garden City, MI. Chauffeurs must be at least 23 years old, have had a chauffeur's license at least 6 months or have previous driving experience, speak English well, have knowledge of the Detroit Metro area and Ann Arbor area, ability to use smartphones, and be willing to work odd hours when necessary. Chauffeurs will be using our Vehicles including; sedans, Limousines, and possibly our Bus. Employment is based on the interview, minimum of two days training, and acceptance by our insurance company. Those with poor driving records need not apply. You must have reliable transportation to the office. The position is 1099. If hired, applicants must have a Black Suit, White Shirt, and Black Tie when they are in their role as a Chauffer. Please be prepared to send a resume and copy of your driver's license when inquiring about this position. A CDL-P is not required for all of our vehicles, or for this position. Mostly part time, as we are looking for people to promise us 2-3 days of availability each week, but we may have positions in the near future.